Independent Technological Innovation of Zhongyan Co., Ltd. - Successfully Developed PEEK for Steel Back Bearings

"The research and development team of Zhongyan Co., Ltd. has been committed to product innovation and processing, and recently successfully developed special materials for steel back bearings. In the process of research and development, Zhongyan Co., Ltd. has invested a lot of financial support. The researchers adhere to the research and development spirit of ""excellence and continuous innovation"". High-performance, low-cost special material for steel back bearings."

"Independent technological innovation of Zhongyan Co., Ltd. - Successfully developed PEEK for steel back bearings"

"In 2016, the special material for steel back bearing developed by Zhongyan Co., Ltd. completed routine experiments and loading experiments, and the experimental results were good. So far, the research and development project of special materials for steel back bearings of Zhongyan Co., Ltd. has been a complete success, adding a new member to the PEEK compound material family of Zhongyan Co., Ltd."

"This kind of special material for steel back bearing with unique process is based on low carbon steel, sintered bronze ball powder in the middle, and rolled high-performance composite modified PEEK on the surface as a wear-reducing layer. After many tests and verifications, compared with the traditional material (POM) polyoxymethylene coating, the outstanding advantage of the PEEK anti-friction layer is that it has both rigidity and toughness; it has better heat resistance, and the temperature is increased from 130 ° C to 260 ° C; The wear-reducing performance is good, the wear rate is reduced, and the service life of the product is prolonged."

"According to the head of the R&D center: ""The special material for steel-backed bearings we developed has a very high cost performance. Compared with the traditional material (POM) polyoxymethylene, the PEEK coating can provide wear protection, and its higher bonding strength can eliminate the The possibility of spalling. Although the price has risen slightly, the performance has been significantly improved; compared with foreign steel-backed bearings, the performance is more prominent, but the price has been greatly reduced.”"

"It can form favorable competition with similar products at home and abroad, and at the same time meet the market demand in the fields of automobile, mechanical engineering, chemical industry, etc., and has broad application prospects. Zhongyan Co., Ltd. has cooperated with Liaoyuan City Steel Back Bearing Co., Ltd. to supply steel back bearings in batches to trucks of China's First Automobile Manufacturer and Jinan Heavy Duty Truck Factory."

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