Green Environmental Protection Actively Explore And Innovate Jinggong Research And Development To Serve Eight Fields

In recent years, with the rapid development of the economy and the prominence of environmental pollution, green environmental protection is becoming the international mainstream trend in the development of various industries. Engineering plastics have ushered in good opportunities, and "replacing steel with plastics" is highly regarded. As a high-performance engineering plastic, PEEK has attracted more and more attention in the fields of automobile, electronic and electrical, medical equipment, machinery industry, oil and gas, nuclear energy and geothermal, etc. because of its excellent performance as a substitute for metal.

ZY Peek Material in Different Fields

Zhongyan FD-PEEK series products have been gradually applied in the above major fields. Such as circuit boards and circuit board screws in the electrical and electronic fields; automobile transmission gears in the transportation field, G series of automobile transmission gears, G series of counterweight gears, GL series of counterweight gears, bearings; glass fibre gears in the field of the machinery industry, Windpower wear rings, sealing rings, bearings, bushings; compressor valve plates; oil well equipment, pipeline seals, electronic connectors in the field of oil and gas; nuclear power gaskets in the field of nuclear energy and geothermal; nuclear energy sealing rings, etc.

ZY Peek Material Market

As a domestic enterprise engaged in PEEK R&D and production, Zhongyan Co., Ltd. has been highly valued by national departments at all levels for many years. The company has also lived up to expectations, using scientific enterprise management methods steadily and steadily, and high-quality FD-PEEK series products have won the favor of domestic and foreign markets.

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