PEEK in Wires & Cables

PEEK has outstanding heat aging properties, good flame retardancy, self-extinguishing, hydrolysis resistance, corrosion resistance, stripping resistance, fatigue resistance, radiation resistance, and good electrical insulation, still keeps lower dielectric constant and dielectric loss in high frequency range, and can be used to make special cables for nuclear power, marine and other special fields.

Application: High Temperature Engines/ High Temperature Metallurgy Medical/ High Temperature Nuclear Power/ Oil Field/ High Temperature Chemical Industry/ High Energy Exploration

Peek Cable Ties

PEEK (Polyetheretherketone) cable ties are high-performance cable ties used to secure and manage cables and wiring systems in various industries. Unlike traditional cable ties made of nylon or other thermoplastics, PEEK cable ties can withstand high temperatures, harsh chemicals, and heavy stresses.

PEEK cable ties offer several advantages over traditional cable ties. They have a high melting point of around 343°C, making them ideal for high-temperature applications of Peek. They also possess high tensile strength and excellent chemical resistance, providing long-lasting performance and corrosion resistance. Additionally, PEEK cable ties are lightweight and have good dimensional stability, leading to improved reliability in cable management systems.

PEEK cable ties are widely used in the aerospace, automotive, electronic and electrical, and oil and gas industries. Aerospace and defense manufacturers use PEEK cable ties in wiring harnesses, engine monitoring systems, and other critical applications. In the automotive industry, PEEK cable ties are used for wiring systems, airbags, and fuel tanks. PEEK cable ties are also ideal for the medical industry due to their high biocompatibility properties.

Overall, PEEK cable ties offer several advantages over traditional cable ties in terms of durability, resilience, and resistance to harsh environments, making them an ideal choice when cable management is critical.

Peek Insulated Wire

A peek wire is a high-performance wire that is insulated with polyether ether ketone (PEEK). PEEK wire insulation provides excellent resistance to chemicals, high temperatures, and mechanical stress. The usage of PEEK wire has increased in various industries such as aerospace, automotive, and medical due to its high-performance properties.

PEEK wire insulation provides several advantages, including durability, resistance to chemicals and abrasion, and excellent thermal stability. PEEK insulation also offers superior electrical characteristics, making it an ideal choice for applications involving high voltage and current.

PEEK wire insulation is also biocompatible, making it suitable for medical applications. It's highly resistant to sterilization procedures, allowing it to withstand repeated exposure to harsh antibacterial agents.

The high-performance properties of PEEK wire insulation make it an ideal choice for use in challenging environments. It has numerous advantages over other types of wire insulation materials, including better resistance to chemical exposure and temperature extremes. Its durability and resistance to abrasion make PEEK wire insulation suitable for use in machinery that must withstand heavy wear and tear.

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