After 10 years of continuous, healthy and stable development of Zhongyan, the company has entered the transformation and growth period from the initial stage.

Through the market development in recent years, the company has established an increasingly perfect marketing system and network; through long-term accumulation, it has established a good customer relationship, relatively complete customer service and technical support system. In order to integrate sales network resources and enhance the company's competitive advantage, the company adheres to the marketing concept of "focusing on customers", and cooperates with customers for common development.

Found of ZYPEEK

Beginning in 2013, Zhongyan started the company's online publicity and e-commerce promotion. Mainly include 360, Baidu browser search engine promotion, Alibaba China station, Alibaba international station e-commerce platform, official WeChat platform, official Chinese and English website revision.

The peek material supplier attaches great importance to corporate image display, product promotion and international industry exchanges and cooperation. It has participated in the international rubber and plastics industry event - K Exhibition (International Plastics and Rubber Expo in Dusseldorf, Germany) and CHINAPLAS International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition. A wide range of customer resources and contacts around the world.

At present, the domestic market share of ZYPEEK is about half, and the global market share is about one-fifth.

Rapid Development of ZY Peek

In 2015, the company was officially renamed from "Jilin Zhongyan High-Performance Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd." to "Jilin Zhongyan High-Performance Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd.". The company's total registered capital increased from 65 million yuan to 71.335 million yuan. The company constantly improves the working conditions of the factory area, strengthens the construction of personnel management systems, and actively promotes the pace of enterprise internationalization.

The company officially landed on the New Third Board in 2015, with the stock code 835017, and its corporate development has entered the fast lane.

Innovation of ZY Peek

On September 21, 2017, according to the company's development strategy, "Jilin Zhongyan High-Performance Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd." was officially renamed "Jilin Zhongyan Polymer Materials Co., Ltd.". The company's total registered capital increased from 71.335 million yuan to 89.029 million yuan.

In March 2020, the company's total registered capital increased from 89.029 million yuan to 91.26 million yuan.

In the future, Zhongyan Co., Ltd. will continue to become a Chinese special engineering plastics enterprise with high-quality and dedicated types of peek material through scientific research innovation and service upgrades. It is believed that under the wise leadership of the company's leaders, the energetic Zhongyan people will be able to defy difficulties, forge ahead with determination, strive to show their talents on the international stage, and write a beautiful chapter of the enterprise's leap-forward development!

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