PEEK-YF (R & D products) series according to customer's special requirements for products, customized conditions in line with the R & D brand. The current application of more mature products are electronic cigarette, steel bearing materials, ceramics, anti-static materials, sucker rod centralizer special materials and color PEEK and so on.

FAQs of Grade R & D PEEK


Advantages of Grade R & D PEEK Raw Material


PEEK and PI are synthesized by the British Victrex company and the United States DuPont company and have invention patents of high-performance materials, PEEK and PI in the high-performance polymers with other general plastics can not match the excellent comprehensive performance, with suitable for a variety of harsh environments of excellent performance, has been successfully used in aerospace, automotive, electronic semiconductors, electromechanical and other industries in the more demanding occasions. It is the preferred material for users to develop new products and improve product service life and reliability.

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