g series 550g peek pure resin pellets

G Series-550G/550GH PEEK Pure Resin Pellets

G Series-550G PEEK Pure Resin Pellets are suitable for aerospace sensors, high temperature engine sensors, high temperature metallurgy sensors, medical sensor wires, high temperature nuclear power sensor wires, oil field sensor wires, high temperature chemical sensor wires, high temperature energy exploration sensor wires.

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Features of G Series-550G/550GH PEEK Pure Resin Pellets

  • Corrosion Resistance

  • Flame Retardancy Low Smokiness

  • Wear Resistance Wave Transmission

  • Excellent Electrical Insulation Performance

  • High Toughness

  • FDA Compliant Authentication

Application of G Series-550G/550GH PEEK Pure Resin Pellets

  • Aerospace sensor

  • High temperature engine sensor

  • High temperature metallurgy sensor

  • Medical sensor wire

  • High temperature nuclear power sensor wire

  • Oil field sensor wire

  • High temperature chemical sensor wire

  • High temperature energy exploration sensor wire

Specification of G Series-550G/550GH PEEK Pure Resin Pellets

Material PropertiesTest MethodConditionsUnits770G
Mechanical Data
Tensile StrengthISO 527B reak,23℃MPa-
Y ield,23℃MPa100
Tensile ElogationISO 527Break,23℃%45
Flexural StrengthISO 178Break,23℃MPa-
Y ield,23℃MPa165
Fleoural ModulusISO 17823℃Gpa4.1
Compressive StrengthISO 60423℃MPa125
Charpy Impact StrengthISO 179/leANotchedkJm-27
ISO 179/IUUnnotchedkJm-2-
Izod Impact StrengthISO 180/ANotchedkJm-27.5
ISO 180/UUnnotchedkJm-2-
Mould ShrinkageISO 294-4Along flow%1
Across flow%1.3
Thermal Data
Melting PointISO 11357
Glass Tansition (Tg)ISO 11357Onset143
Special Heat CapacityDSC23℃kj kg-1℃-12.2
Coefficient of Thermal ExpansionISO 11359Along flow below Tgppm K-145
Along flow above Tgppm K-1120
Heat Deflecion TemperatureISO 75A-f1.8Mpa152
Thermal ConductivityASTM C17723℃W m-1K-10.29
MeltIndexISO 1133380℃,5kgg10min-110
DensityISO 1186Crystallinegcm-31.3
Shore D HardnessISO 86823℃
Water Absorption(3.2mm thick Tensile Bar)ISO 62-124h,23℃%0.07
by immersion
Equilib riu m,23℃%0.4
Electrical Data
Dielectric StrengthIEC 60243-12mmkV mm-123
Comparative Tracking IndexIEC 60112
Dielectric ConstantIEC 6025023℃,1kHz
Loss TangentIEC 6025023℃,1MHz
Volume ResistivityIEC 6009323℃,1VΩ cm10 16
275℃Ω cm10 9

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