PEEK-FC series modified by PTFE, graphite and carbon fiber have lower friction coefficient, wear resistance and self-lubrication than pure resin G.

FAQs of Grade FC Super Wear Resistant PEEK


Wear Resistance of Grade FC Super Wear Resistant PEEK


PEEK (polyetheretherketone) materials are used at extremely high temperatures (approx. 260 degrees), have extremely high stiffness and hardness, and have a unique high tensile and fatigue strength. In addition, its heat resistance and chemical stability are excellent. The material has excellent dielectric properties until temperatures reach 260 degrees and is resistant to energy rays. PEEK has excellent comprehensive properties, good mechanical properties, high temperature resistance, excellent chemical resistance, making it the most versatile high-grade plastic. Features: The maximum allowable working temperature in the air is very high (can work continuously at 260 degrees, up to 310 degrees in a short time), mechanical strength, high rigidity and hardness, high temperature resistance, excellent chemical resistance and hydrolysis resistance, excellent wear resistance and friction resistance, extremely high creep strength, excellent dimensional stability, excellent ultraviolet resistance, excellent high-energy radiation resistance, inherently low flammability, and less smoke when burning.

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