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Jilin Joinature Polymer Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006 and listed in the New OTC Market (stock code 835017) in 2015. Located in the Luyuan Economic Development Zone of Changchun, covers an area of 27103 m². The registered capital is 91.26 million RMB. Our current annual capacity is 1500 tons of PEEK. It is a modern high-tech enterprise integrated into PEEK R&D, manufacture and marketing. 

First, our advocacy of standard of behaviours as simple and transparent, frank and honest, sense of nature, happy and confident; Second, advocacy of the principle of doing things as selfless, kindness, full of energy, good communication; Third, set up and improve a platform as open, equality and friendly. Forth, shape the positive company image as reliable, friendly, and responsible.

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Company Culture


First, through unremitting efforts and exploration, successfully completed the PEEK product of industrialization, and achieved batch stability. Therefore it can be said that we made a contribution to the R&D of PEEK. Second, we should strive to become a high-end enterprise, we should strive to become a high-end enterprise, we have to put the interests of clients and our value in combination, create diversified products, improve the product quality and performance for providing better service for all the clients. Third, all of the staff should have noble sentiment. In any case, we must advocate honesty, gratefulness, dedication, integrity and other outstanding human quality and professional quality


To actively take social responsibility is the duty of Joinature as a corporate citizenship. We should be in accordance with the requirements of the enterprise mission, and achieve the common development with enterprise, staff, clients and interested parties. On the other hand, we actively advocate value of grateful, win-win, environmentally friendly, community return, making the great efforts to promote Creativity in Business and social harmony.


The innovation spirit is the source and impetus for development and from victory to the new victory. We should devote ourselves to product innovation, development new technologies, new processes, new products, and improve the core competence; Encourage innovation in management idea and methods, constantly challenge the status quo, pay attention to business model innovation. Advocating and development spirit of innovation, create sunshine.

Our History

In December 2006, Jilin Province Zhongyan Polymer Materials Co., Ltd. (formerly known as Jilin Province Zhongyan High Performance Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd.) was established in Changchun City, Jilin Province, China, with a registered capital of 5 million yuan. In the early days of the company's establishment, it mainly carried out the construction of plant infrastructure.

In 2007, it began to carry out the PEEK product research and development test and the small test stage of material performance test and exploration. In April 2007, the company was awarded the honorary title of ""Innovative Team"" by the Changchun Lvyuan Federation of Trade Unions.

In January 2008, the company increased its capital by 3 million yuan, in December 10 million yuan, and the registered capital reached 18 million yuan.

In January 2013, the Changchun Municipal Party Committee awarded Zhongyan Co., Ltd. the honorary title of "Innovative Small and Medium-sized Enterprises".

In August 2013, the Jilin Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, the Jilin Provincial Department of Science and Technology, the Jilin Provincial Department of Finance, the Changchun Customs of the People's Republic of China, the Jilin Provincial State Taxation Bureau, and the Jilin Provincial Local Taxation Bureau awarded Zhongyan with the honor of "Enterprise Technology Center" title.

In April 2015, the ""polyetheretherketone (FD-PEEK) series products and industrialization"" project of Zhongyan Co., Ltd. passed the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements by the China High-tech Industrialization Research Association.

In May 2015, Zhongyan Co., Ltd. was continuously awarded the honorary title of "AAA Credit Enterprise" by the Jilin Provincial Credit Evaluation and Certification Agency.

On September 21, 2017, according to the company's development strategy, "Jilin Zhongyan High-Performance Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd." was officially renamed "Jilin Zhongyan Polymer Materials Co., Ltd.". The company's total registered capital increased from 71.335 million yuan to 89.029 million yuan.

In March 2020, the company's total registered capital increased from 89.029 million yuan to 91.26 million yuan.

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