PEEK-GL series, is a glass fiber composite modified PEEK materials, currently available from 5% -35% of different mass fractions of reinforced materials. Compared with pure resin particles, it has better rigidity, better creep resistance and dimensional stability.

FAQs of Grade GL Glass Fiber Reinforced PEEK


Glass Filled Peek Polyetheretherketone Material Properties


The glass transition temperature (Tg) of the EEK is 143°C and the melting point (Tm) is 340°C. The high melting point gives PEEK excellent high-temperature resistance. The fiber reinforcement grade PEEK has a heat deflection temperature of up to 315°C and a long-term continuous use temperature (UL 946B) of up to 260°C. In addition, PEEK maintains a high level of strength and modulus at high temperatures, which means that PEEK has excellent high-temperature mechanical properties.

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