Zhongyan Co., Ltd. Develops Ultra-pure PEEK Material to Help Enameled Wire Get Rid of Traditional Coating

"Enameled wire is a main variety of winding wire. It consists of conductor and insulating layer. It needs to be processed and formed through a unique process. It is not easy to produce products that meet both standard requirements and customer requirements. It is affected by factors such as raw material quality, process parameters, production equipment, and production environment."

"The researchers of Zhongyan Co., Ltd. have developed an ultra-high-purity PEEK material, which can replace the traditional enameled wire covering polyethylene, silicone rubber, PTFE and other materials. The newly developed materials are mainly used in the field of military industry and nuclear power."

"Zhongyan Co., Ltd. develops ultra-pure PEEK material to help enameled wire ""get rid of"" traditional coating"

"PEEK is a linear aromatic semi-crystalline thermoplastic material, which has excellent high temperature resistance, radiation resistance and high strength while retaining the typical insulation and chemical resistance of plastics. Most of the traditional enameled wire materials can only meet the insulation requirements at low temperature (100°C), and the mechanical properties and electrical properties are significantly reduced at high temperatures. The enameled wire made of PEEK material can meet the three characteristics of high temperature resistance, radiation resistance and breakdown resistance at the same time:"

  1. "High temperature resistance, PEEK enameled wire can be used for a long time at 150 °C, and maintains excellent electrical and mechanical properties; at 260 °C, it can maintain insulation under low voltage and low load conditions;"

  2. "Radiation resistant, PEEK material has excellent resistance to various radiations. Traditional plastics will age and degrade in a short period of time under gamma rays. PEEK can withstand high doses of gamma radiation of 10^9 rads and maintain various properties."

  3. "Breakdown resistance, 0.2mm thick PEEK coating can meet the high voltage of 10,000 volts."

"PEEK is attached to the copper wire in the molten state. Therefore, PEEK enameled wire has very high requirements on materials and processing technology."

Purity improvements

"As the coating material of enameled wire, PEEK requires absolute purity. PEEK itself is formed by the polymerization of organic substances through metal salts. Conventional PEEK products will retain small molecular polymers and trace metal ions. Poor temperature resistance during heating and extrusion, it is easy to cause local carbonization, and metal ions will affect the insulation performance of the coating layer. By improving the refining process after polymerization, Zhongyan Co., Ltd. has developed an ultra-pure ultrafiltration PEEK specially used for enameled wires. Trace metal ions and small molecular polymers remaining in PEEK meet the basic requirements of cables in terms of materials."

Improvement of Continuous Extrusion Process

"Unlike traditional polymer cladding, PEEK has far more stringent process requirements. Control is required on heating temperature, melt viscosity, cooling process and crystal morphology. The melting point of PEEK is 343°C. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the raw materials are fully melted, and at the same time, it is necessary to control the influence of temperature on the viscosity of the material. If the viscosity of the material is too high, the extrusion wall thickness is not uniform; if the viscosity is too low, it is easy to cause the material to be extruded. After sagging, the upper and lower surfaces form a thickness difference; metal clad extrusion is usually water-cooled, and PEEK is kept in an uncrystallized state by adjusting the temperature."

"After repeated tests, Zhongyan Co., Ltd. has now achieved continuous production. Using PEEK as the surface coating of the enameled wire can improve the reliability and durability of the product, and the service life of the enameled wire can be increased by 300%."

"Zhongyan Co., Ltd. has the world's top testing equipment, which can simultaneously perform online testing while extruding. By testing, it can reflect the stability of enameled wire product quality and the rationality of materials and processes. Ensure that technical standards such as product appearance, size and performance (mechanical properties, chemical properties, thermal properties and electrical properties) meet customer requirements, and truly achieve real-time monitoring and full monitoring."

"At present, the next challenge facing the research and development team of Zhongyan Co., Ltd. is how to scale the technology to larger-scale production. The project leader said that the scale-up optimization plan of this technology is being considered, hoping to promote the application of this technology in many different fields, and reach a consensus with potential partners in related fields."

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