Zhongyan Co., Ltd. Has Successfully Developed Special Materials for PEEK Multifilament and Monofilament Fibers

"Zhongyan Co., Ltd. February 15, 2017 News PEEK fiber, as a new generation of fiber products, has had successful cases and molding applications abroad, but domestic PEEK fiber products have only stayed in the research and development stage. Special materials for PEEK multifilament fiber and PEEK monofilament fiber were produced, which further enhanced the comprehensive stability of PEEK fiber and successfully promoted the mass production of PEEK fiber."

"The appearance of PEEK fibers is not much different from conventional polyamide and polyester fibers. However, because PEEK fiber is a fully aromatic fiber and has ether bonds and ketone bonds, the fiber's corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, friction resistance, hydrolysis resistance, creep resistance and other aspects are much higher than regular fiber. PEEK fiber can be used to weave into fabrics, as filter screen fabrics, drying fabrics, high temperature gas filter felts and composite fabrics for aviation, which are widely used in chemical, military and aerospace fields."

PEEK multifilament

"PEEK multifilament, or PEEK microfiber, has a diameter of only a few microns of a single fiber. PEEK multifilaments can be directly woven into fabrics for bulletproof clothing, fireproof clothing and other occasions that require high temperature resistance and high strength, or they can be blended with carbon fiber for thermoforming, and the warp and weft weaving process is used to make carbon fiber with excellent flexibility and finish. Composite materials for various lightweight parts in the medical, aerospace and automotive industries."

"Zhongyan Co., Ltd. has successfully developed special materials for PEEK multifilament and monofilament fibers"

PEEK monofilament

"PEEK monofilament is produced by PEEK resin through melt extrusion and traction process. The fiber diameter is 0.2-0.5mm. The PEEK monofilament fabric can be used as a filter screen, used in the strong corrosive environment of paper mills and chemical plants, and can also be used as conveyor belts In some high temperature environments in food factories, because of its low density and high strength, it is also widely used in aircraft."

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