High Purity and High Density! Zhongyan PEEK Fine Powder Sales Surge

"According to the sales data of Jilin Province Zhongyan Polymer Materials Co., Ltd. (referred to as ""Zhongyan Co., Ltd.""), from 2015 to 2016, the sales volume of PEEK fine powder of Zhongyan Co., Ltd. doubled. Customers purchase this product mainly through molding, extrusion, spraying and other processes to process seals. Zhongyan PEEK fine powder has huge development potential and space in the field of sealing applications, and future product sales may show explosive growth."

"Zhongyan Co., Ltd. is currently a domestic enterprise that can use a 5,000-liter reactor for PEEK polymerization production. The company's annual production capacity is 1,000 tons of polyetheretherketone (PEEK) resin, and it effectively ensures the stability and consistency of PEEK product quality. , as well as the constancy of color and purity, which is also one of the core competitiveness of Zhongyan Co., Ltd."

"The Chinese name of PEEK is polyether ether ketone resin, which is a special engineering plastic. Zhongyan Co., Ltd. PEEK fine powder has high purity, high density, excellent friction performance, special wear resistance, high-temperature resistance, flame retardant, low creep value, resistance to erosion of various media, FDA certification, non-toxic, good resistance chemical."

"The PEEK fine powder developed by Zhongyan Co., Ltd. is a material obtained by certain grinding of pure resin coarse powder (particle size is 25 microns - 75 microns), which can be used as raw materials for precision molding parts and raw materials for spraying parts. Fine powders of different sizes and sizes can be made into different finished parts. For example, 25-micron fine powder with a very small particle size is suitable for pure products, with more delicate sense and good gloss. Fine powders of other specifications and particle sizes are suitable for composite modification with graphite or carbon fiber to make composite parts. In addition, PEEK fine powder is also suitable for 3D printing."

High purity and high density! 【Revelation】Zhongyan PEEK fine powder sales surge

"The researchers said that PEEK pure resin fine powder is mainly used in sealing fields, including transportation (bearings, gaskets, clutch gear rings, etc.), petroleum fields (insulation rings, sealing rings, etc.), electronic and electrical fields, etc."

"With the continuous innovation of PEEK fine powder processing technology, the application is also more extensive. Among them, there is nothing that makes the majority of businesses shine more than the PEEK spraying market. PEEK coating is a new generation of green and environmentally friendly polymer coatings with high-temperature resistance, high hardness, scratch resistance, and long life. Suitable for spraying on steel, cast metal, and ceramic surfaces. High-performance materials are used in many applications in the petroleum industry due to their unique and excellent properties. 

The spraying of PEEK on the oil pipeline can greatly improve the wear resistance, high and low-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance of the pipeline, reduce the wear of the inner wall of the pipeline, no leakage, not easy to fall off, long service life, and reduce the cost of use. improvement. PEEK spraying is also widely used in natural gas, medicine, transportation, chemical barrels, tanks, reaction kettles, stirring rods, alkali container heat exchangers, electroplating racks, and acid-resistant smoke exhaust pipes and other high-temperature corrosion-resistant equipment and components."

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