Celebrating with the Whole Country Shengshi Zhonghua Zhongyan Co., Ltd. Wishes Everyone a Happy National Day!

"The great motherland has ushered in its 72nd birthday. In 72 years of trials and hardships, our motherland is prosperous and prosperous; our people are happy, healthy and high-spirited! We are the descendants of Yan and Huang, and we have the same Chinese spirit and the same ""Chinese soul"". We sing praises to the motherland, praise the motherland, we are proud! We are proud!"

On this National Day

"All staff of Zhongyan Co., Ltd."

May our great motherland prosper

Wish the people of the whole country happiness and well-being

"The development of Zhongyan is inseparable from the development of the country. It is the prosperity of the motherland that has injected infinite vitality into Zhongyan. Let us make concerted efforts to go hand in hand, develop with Zhongyan, and forge ahead with the motherland! Finally, I wish everyone a happy National Day and a better tomorrow for the motherland!"

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