Zhongyan Co., Ltd.: PEEK Carbon Fiber Prepreg Market Prospect

"The global polyetheretherketone (PEEK) prepreg market deserves attention. Since the late 20th century, prepreg has had a profound impact on the development of composite materials. It has explored the advantages of fiber-reinforced composite materials, and entered the field of high-performance products with high-demand, high-quality materials and processes. Therefore, high-performance composite materials have no effect in applications that require both light weight and high strength. Doubtfully gained prominence. In the past few years, prepreg technology and prepreg varieties have developed rapidly in developed countries in Europe and the United States. Prepreg was once considered to be expensive and difficult to mass-produce, but now prepreg is rapidly becoming an ideal choice for some uses. With the gradual maturity of PEEK raw material processing technology in China, the research and development of prepreg is no longer far away. As a dream, the advent of prepreg can not only improve the mechanical properties of PEEK, but also improve product quality and consistency. It has experienced great development this year, is widely accepted and faces some new market opportunities."

"Zhongyan Co., Ltd.: PEEK/carbon fiber prepreg market prospect"

carbon fiber prepreg

Carbon fiber prepreg and its market

"Prepreg is a resin matrix impregnated with continuous fibers or fabrics under certain conditions, and a composition comprising a resin matrix and a reinforcing material is made, which is an intermediate material for the manufacture of composite materials. According to different reinforcement materials, prepregs can be subdivided into different types such as glass fiber prepregs, carbon fiber prepregs, and aramid fiber prepregs. Due to the excellent properties and wide application of carbon fiber, carbon fiber prepreg has developed into an important branch and occupies a pivotal position in the field of composite materials. In the application of carbon fiber composite materials, prepregs account for a large proportion, and more than half of advanced composite materials are cured by prepreg layup. Prepreg is the intermediate material of advanced composite materials. It is the basic unit of composite structure. The mechanical and chemical properties of composite materials depend to a large extent on the inherent quality of prepreg. At the same time, the molding process of the composite material is also closely related to the use state of the prepreg. With the development of material technology, the application of carbon fiber products has been continuously recognized by the market, and the market demand for carbon fiber prepreg and carbon fiber reinforced PEEK has huge potential in the future."

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