What Are the Main Applications of PEEK Bearings?

As a high-performance plastic, PEEK material has excellent and balanced physical properties. It is one of the most heat-resistant and mechanically strong plastics. If you are looking for a material with good chemical resistance and radiation resistance, PEEK is also one of the best choices. PEEK is one of the most heat-resistant materials among high-performance plastics. Even if it is used at 260°C for 5000 hours, its strength is almost the same as the original state, and it has excellent thermal stability. PEEK material can be used for a long time in the harshest environment.

1. Introduction of PEEK bearings

PEEK bearing is a special engineering plastic with excellent properties such as high temperature resistance, self-lubrication, easy processing and high mechanical strength. It can be manufactured and processed into various mechanical parts, such as automotive gears, oil screens, shifting start plates; aircraft engine parts, automatic washing machine runners, medical equipment parts, etc.

2. What are the main characteristics of PEEK bearings?

PEEK bearings are corrosion-resistant, anti-aging, anti-solubility, high-temperature, high-frequency and high-voltage electrical performance conditions; PEEK bearings have both toughness and rigidity; PEEK bearings require precise conditions for size; PEEK bearings are radiation-resistant, wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant conditions; PEEK bearings Hydrolysis resistance, excellent properties can still be maintained under high temperature and high pressure; PEEK bearings replace metal as optical fiber components in light weight; PEEK bearings are wear-resistant and anti-static; good electrical insulation performance; PEEK bearings require high mechanical strength components; PEEK bearings have low smoke and toxic gases emissions.

3. The main application of PEEK bearings

PEEK bearings are used in automotive brake system parts, engine parts, gearbox high-temperature gaskets, semiconductor tools, LCD brackets, wafer turnover equipment, IC test equipment parts, copier separation claws, shaft sleeves and other high-temperature parts of office supplies; PEEK bearing applications Used in special mechanical gears, oil-free lubricated bearings, compressor valve plates, sealing rings, piston rings, valve components, high temperature sensor probes; PEEK bearings are used in special electronic connectors, analytical instrument parts, special cable sheaths, human bones, hemodialysis machine parts, lithium battery sealing rings, integrated circuit films, electric irons, microwave oven heat-resistant parts, etc.

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