The Role of PEEK Insulated Wire in Advancing Stepper Motor Performance

The rapid development of science and technology is due to the fact that motors are an indispensable element of industrial development and play an important role. The use of motors is expanding not only in power application, but also in the control field. In this article, we will introduce the use of PEEK insulated wire in stepper motors.

What Is a Stepper Motor

A stepper motor is a control motor, an electric motor that converts an electrical pulse signal into a corresponding angular or linear displacement. Every time a pulse signal is input, the rotor rotates by one angle or one step forward, and its output angular displacement or line displacement is proportional to the number of pulses input, and the rotational speed is proportional to the pulse frequency. The faster the speed, the higher the temperature inside the motor.

The Need for PEEK Insulated Wire

To what extent the stepper motor can be used depends mainly on the motor's internal insulation level, and as one of the important "hearts" inside the stepper motor, the coil skeleton is naturally very important. Ordinary stepper motor coil skeleton materials generally used for nylon, PBT, and other plastics, these plastics are basically within the maximum temperature of 180 °. If the ambient temperature of the motor exceeds 180°, the material will be damaged by the high temperature, which will directly lead to a short-circuit accident. The best way to solve the problem is to choose special plastics that are resistant to high temperatures, and PEEK insulated wire is one of the materials that can be adapted to this harsh high-temperature environment.

Advantages of PEEK Insulated Wire

  • PEEK insulated wire has excellent high-temperature resistance. Even at 260 ° long-term use, it still maintains excellent insulation and relatively high mechanical strength.

  • PEEK insulated wire has low water absorption and high dimensional stability compared to conventional nylon, and even compared to PI, it has low water absorption and good toughness.

  • PEEK insulated wire has excellent cut resistance, ensuring zero electrical shorts during use.

  • The high purity and strength of the PEEK insulated wire polymer allows the design of thinner wall thicknesses in tight motor stators and ensures insulation properties.

In summary, PEEK insulated wire is an ideal insulating material for stepper motors due to its outstanding performance. It is able to maintain stable insulation performance under high-temperature environment, effectively preventing short-circuit accidents caused by high temperature, and improving the reliability and safety of the motor. PEEK insulated wire has a broad application prospect, in addition to being used as the insulating coil skeleton of stepping motors, it is also used in other types of motor insulation, insulation of cable wires, and power plugs of motor cables and wires.

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