What Are the Key Attributes of PEEK Plastic Material?

Understanding PEEK plastic material

PEEK plastic material protects and insulates wires while also improving fuel efficiency and reducing weight. PEEK corrugated tube can be used as a flexible conduit to gather wires and harnesses and make them more manageable. PEEK tubes can also protect covered items from abrasion and bodily trauma. In addition to insulation and protection functions, PEEK plastic material can also be used to support wire splicing. PEEK and PEEK plastic material wire harnesses are widely used in the aerospace and automotive industries, and can easily adapt to many different fields.

Key properties of PEEK plastic material

Biocompatibility: Due to its chemical inertness, PEEK plastic material can safely exist in biological environments. It can also withstand a variety of sterilization protocols.

Chemical resistance: PEEK plastic material has high tolerance to all common chemicals such as alkalis, acids, hydrocarbons, and water.

Excellent purity: PEEK plastic material has high purity characteristics, allowing almost no chemicals to leak out of the pipeline, thereby polluting the contents or the outside of the pipeline.

Excellent torsional stability: The unique rigidity of PEEK plastic material allows the pipeline to transmit torsional or torsional forces very well, making it suitable for applications that require remote operations of materials or their contents, such as sensors, fiber optics, or wiring.

Flame retardant: PEEK plastic material pipes have flame retardancy and comply with UL94V-0 standards (material thickness of 1.45mm), making it safe to use at high temperatures.

High blast pressure resistance: PEEK plastic material thermoplastic pipes can withstand high blast pressures relative to wall thickness and size. This quality allows for smaller PEEK plastic material pipes to be used in high-pressure applications compared to other pipe materials.

High strength to weight ratio: The lightweight characteristics of PEEK plastic material combined with its extensive beneficial properties allow PEEK plastic material pipes to replace heavier components such as metals and other plastics.

High temperature resistance: PEEK plastic material can safely operate at temperatures up to 260℃(500°F).

Impact resistance and wear resistance: The inert chemical properties of PEEK plastic material directly affect its mechanical performance and inherent toughness. As a result, PEEK plastic material pipes and recovered heat shrink tubes exhibit excellent wear resistance, impact resistance, and other physical trauma.

Sterilizable: PEEK plastic material can easily withstand a variety of sterilization protocols, such as high-pressure sterilization and gamma ray irradiation. This fluorinated polymer can even withstand over 3000 cycles of high-pressure sterilization.

Thermoformable: As a thermoplastic material, PEEK plastic material is compatible with post-extrusion customization, such as flaring, tapering, tilting, flanging, and thermoforming.

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