Development of PEEK Raw Material in the 5G Communication Field

Advantages of PEEK raw material in the 5G industry

The PEEK raw material is a type of polyaryletherketone polymer generally obtained by condensing an aromatic diol. This material has numerous applications in the aerospace, medical device, and industrial fields. Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) molecules are semi-crystalline materials, and their crystallinity is generally between 20% and 30%. Increased crystallinity can enhance the material's wear resistance, creep resistance, and fatigue resistance. There is a clear demand for miniaturization, integration, lightweight, low-cost, and high-performance filters in 5G communication.

The PEEK raw material has the following advantages for the 5G industry:

  • High rigidity and modulus, and a linear thermal expansion coefficient similar to that of aluminum alloys, to ensure the dimensional accuracy of the housing and the bonding strength of the surface coating at high temperatures.

  • The dielectric constant of PEEK raw material is low and stable, making it suitable for 5G communication's requirements for low dielectric materials.

  • PEEK raw material is resistant to high temperatures, meeting the requirements for high-temperature reflow soldering.

  • PEEK raw material has good dimensional stability, small mold shrinkage, and small changes in shape under high and low temperatures.

  • PEEK raw material has excellent heat dissipation, which can transfer heat out in a timely manner, reducing the possibility of distortion due to thermal deformation and material aging and degradation.

  • PEEK raw material has excellent electroplating properties to ensure the product's coating bonding strength and electrical properties during the service life. It can achieve the goal of replacing metal housings through plastic electroplating.

Applications of PEEK raw material

Therefore, PEEK raw material can be widely used in 5G mobile phones, base station antenna modules, filters, and insulating components in connectors. Engineering plastics are playing an increasingly important role in filters, from being used only as the medium material for filters to making filter housings from plastic materials. Compared to metal filter housings, plastic housings have lighter weight, stronger rigidity, and are less affected by changes in external temperatures. Injection molding ensures high production efficiency and low cost, making them increasingly important.

PEEK raw material films also have significant applications in the 5G industry, mainly in high-frequency and high-speed materials for PCB circuits. Therefore, there is a significant demand for improvements. With the increasing demand for 5G technology, PCBs, as an essential electronic component, have enormous market space. While 5G has boosted the rapid development of the PCB industry, it has also put forward new requirements. The high frequency and high-speed characteristics of 5G require PCBs to achieve high frequencies, high speeds, and three characteristics: low transmission loss, low transmission delay, and accurate control of high characteristic impedance.

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