Properties of PEEK Plastic Material and Industry-specific Advantages

1. What is PEEK plastic material?

PEEK plastic material has a unique chemical structure that makes it extremely strong and dimensionally stable under load and in the harshest environments. As a result, almost every industry can find PEEK plastic materials that excel where other plastic polymers fall short. Prominent properties of PEEK plastic material include: high temperature resistance, high tensile and flexural strength, excellent electrical properties, excellent chemical resistance, good wear and abrasion resistance, excellent resistance to fatigue, stress cracking and creep resistance transsexual.

PEEK plastic material is available in various grades for special applications such as carbon filled grades and bearing grades. Carbon PEEK is particularly suitable for high-load applications—such as aircraft machinery components and oil and gas processing equipment—because it has the highest strength and stiffness of all PEEK grades and improves load-carrying capacity.

2. The characteristics of PEEK plastic materials

Due to the stable chemical molecular structure of PEEK plastic material, it has the highest level of radiation resistance among thermoplastics. Can be used even with high doses of gamma radiation without embrittlement or degradation leading to product cracking. Therefore, it has a long service life and can reduce maintenance costs. In summary, PEEK plastic materials are an excellent choice for harsh environments such as aircraft, power plants, and medical equipment applications that may be affected by radiation.

3. Industry-specific advantages of PEEK plastic materials

Oil and Gas: The high resistance to steam and excellent chemical resistance of PEEK plastic materials make them ideal for the harsh environments of oil and gas processing. Typical PEEK components include seals and electrical connectors, which act as insulators and spacers while also reinforcing the softer sealing material. PEEK seats and seals also help control the flow of chemical gases and liquids without risk of chemical degradation.

Food and Beverage: Available in food-grade PEEK varieties, offering improved performance and longer part life for agitation paddles, bearings and bushings, valve components, and more. These PEEK components can withstand high processing temperatures and are resistant to all clean-in-place (CIP) solutions.

Electronics and Telecommunications: The excellent electrical properties of the PEEK plastic material make it an ideal electrical insulator, perfect for circuit boards, sensitive circuits and hard drive platters. The PEEK plastic material also offers long-term reliability over wide fluctuations in pressure, frequency and temperature.

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