What Kind of Material is Polyetheretherketone PEEK?

1. Introduction of natural PEEK material

Natural PEEK material belongs to a kind of special engineering plastics. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength, self-lubricating and so on. It is widely used in automobile manufacturing, aerospace, medical equipment and other fields. If the performance of plastics is represented by a pyramid, natural PEEK materials deserve to be ranked at the top of the pyramid. The use of natural PEEK materials to make car gears can greatly reduce noise and allow people in the car to have a quiet environment.

2. Classification of natural PEEK materials

Natural PEEK materials can be divided into extrusion grades and injection molding grades, which are differentiated according to practical applications. The long-term working temperature of natural PEEK materials can reach about 260 ℃, which is unmatched by other engineering plastics. At present, different proportions of carbon fiber or glass fiber are added to the natural PEEK material produced by our industry to improve the strength of the material and other properties. With the implementation of the policy of "replacing steel with plastic", natural PEEK materials can replace metal materials in many fields, which can not only realize the lightweight of the substitute products, but also have excellent corrosion resistance so that they do not need to be maintained as often as metal products.

Today's materials can be described as two parts, one is traditional metal materials, the other is plastic. High-end engineering plastics have replaced metal materials in many fields. Naturally, the price of PEEK materials is very expensive, which is 7 to 9 times that of PPS materials, which are also members of engineering plastics. PPS material is known as "small PEEK", but it has a high cost performance, so if the performance requirements of the material are not so demanding, we can choose PPS material with higher cost performance.

3. The use of natural PEEK materials

As a semi-crystalline engineering plastic, natural PEEK material is insoluble in almost all solvents except concentrated sulfuric acid, so it is often used to make compressor valve plates, piston rings, seals and various chemical pump bodies and valve parts. Natural PEEK materials can also withstand up to 3000 cycles of autoclaving at 134°C, a feature that makes them useful in the production of sterilization-demanding, reusable surgical and dental equipment.

Natural PEEK material not only has the advantages of light weight, non-toxicity, corrosion resistance, etc., but also the material closest to human bones at present, and can be organically combined with the body, so using PEEK resin instead of metal to make human bones is another important application in the medical field. 

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