Characteristics and Benefits of PEEK Polymer

Understanding PEEK polymers

Polyether ether ketone, better known as PEEK, is a semi-crystalline, high-performance, rigid engineering thermoplastic material that has a variety of beneficial characteristics and excellent resistance to hazardous chemicals. Since the 1980s, PEEK polymers have gone commercial and there has been no turning back. Its outstanding mechanical properties, wear resistance, fatigue resistance, and high temperature resistance of 260℃ make PEEK polymers one of the most versatile and highest-utilized thermoplastic materials in the plastics industry.

PEEK polymers are one of the smoothest processing materials in almost all vertical fields; however, due to its elastic properties, it is mainly used in industries such as oil and gas, aerospace, automotive, electrical, biomedical, and semiconductor applications. PEEK polymers can be processed using traditional plastic manufacturing methods such as injection molding, extrusion molding, and compression molding, etc.

Characteristics of PEEK polymers

PEEK polymers show excellent creep resistance. It can balance various mechanical properties well when reacting to bending and stretching capabilities, and can withstand high loads for a long time without causing residual damage. Even at high temperatures up to 299℃, PEEK polymers have impressive tensile strength. Carbon fiber-reinforced polymers should be used to achieve maximum effect while retaining performance. Increasing the tensile strength to between 25000psi and 30000psi is entirely achievable.

PEEK polymers exhibit good insulation properties under various temperatures and environments. PEEK polymer's crystal structure supports high resistance, has a range of liquids, and excellent fatigue performance. The spiral geometry of PEEK polymers helps to enhance glass or carbon-reinforced materials, which improves the polymer's thermal conductivity. In addition to being manufacturer-friendly, it is also environmentally friendly, with a V0 flammability rating of 1.45mm and an LOI of 35%. Compared to other mainstream thermoplastic materials, its toxic gas emissions and smoke are very low.

Benefits of PEEK polymers

The toughness, rigidity, and excellent fatigue resistance of PEEK polymers make its strength comparable to alloys. It has excellent sliding performance, making it suitable for harsh applications with low coefficients of friction and wear. PEEK polymers have one of the best flame retardants in most other thermoplastic materials with a size of 1.45mm; it does not require any flame retardant. The peel strength also increases the applicability of PEEK polymers under harsh conditions and makes it easy to manufacture with these wires and enamel wires.

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