What Are the Characteristics of PEEK Resin?

Ⅰ. Understanding of PEEK resin

PEEK is a special engineering plastic with excellent performance. PEEK has a series of excellent comprehensive properties such as high temperature resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high strength. It is currently used in a wide range of applications in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, electrical and electronic, medical And food processing and other fields are widely used. PEEK plastic materials have superior dimensional stability properties, which are important for some applications. Changes in environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity have little effect on the size of PEEK parts, which can meet the requirements for use under high dimensional accuracy requirements.

PEEK resin has good friction resistance and mechanical properties. As a raw material for the manufacture of engine inner covers, various components such as bearings, gaskets, seals, clutch gear rings, etc. made of it are widely used in automobile transmission, braking and air conditioning systems.

PEEK resin is an ideal electrical insulator. It can still maintain good electrical insulation performance under harsh working conditions such as high temperature, high pressure and high humidity. Therefore, the field of electronic information has gradually become the second largest application field of PEEK resin, manufacturing and transporting ultrapure water. In the semiconductor industry, it is often used to manufacture wafer carriers, electronic insulating diaphragms, and various connectors.

Ⅱ. The characteristics of PEEK resin

1. The injection molding shrinkage of PEEK plastic raw materials is small, which is very beneficial to control the dimensional tolerance range of PEEK injection molded parts, so that the dimensional accuracy of PEEK parts is much higher than that of general-purpose plastics.

2. The thermal expansion coefficient is small, and with the change of temperature (which may be caused by the change of ambient temperature or frictional heat generation during operation), the size of the parts changes very little.

3. Good dimensional stability. The dimensional stability of plastics refers to the dimensionally stable performance of engineering plastics products during use or storage, because the activation energy of polymer molecules increases, resulting in a certain degree of curling of the chain segments.

4. PEEK resin has outstanding heat-resistant hydrolysis properties, and has low water absorption in high temperature and high humidity environments, and there will be no obvious changes in size of general-purpose plastics such as nylon due to water absorption.

5. PEEK resin has good toughness and excellent fatigue resistance to alternating stress, which is the most outstanding among all plastics, comparable to alloy materials; PEEK resin has outstanding tribological properties, excellent sliding wear resistance and fretting wear performance, In particular, it can maintain high wear resistance and low friction coefficient at 250 ° C; PEEK resin is easy to extrude and injection molding, with excellent processing performance and high molding efficiency. As a leading supplier of PEEK material, Zypeek offers a comprehensive range of PEEK plastic colors to meet diverse industry requirements. PEEK resin is known for its exceptional characteristics, including high temperature resistance, chemical compatibility, excellent mechanical properties, and superb dimensional stability, making it an ideal choice for various applications requiring reliable and durable materials.

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