What Are the Application Fields of PEEK Resin?

PEEK is a high-performance organic thermoplastic polymer with excellent mechanical properties, high temperature properties, mechanical strength and excellent chemical resistance. It is an all-round special engineering plastic suitable for various additive manufacturing technologies. In recent years, its demand has grown rapidly, and it is widely used in many application fields and plays an important role.

1. PEEK resin is used in aerospace

Aerospace is the earliest application area for PEEK resin development. The specificity of the aerospace sector requires lightweight materials that are flexible, inexpensive to process and resistant to harsh environments. PEEK has many performance advantages in this field, such as high temperature resistance, excellent machining, radiation resistance, low smoke, flame retardant, non-toxic, corrosion resistance, hydrolysis resistance, etc. Therefore, PEEK resin can replace aluminum and other metal materials to manufacture various aircraft parts, which can reduce the weight by up to 70% compared with metal and improve fuel efficiency.

The excellent properties of PEEK raw material can manufacture fuel filters, bolts, nuts and spools, cabin seats and dining tables, cabin skins, cable trays and electrical components, radomes, landing gear hubcaps, manhole covers, Fairing bracket, compressor and pump body, etc.

2. PEEK resin is used in the automotive industry

Energy saving, weight reduction, cost minimization and product performance maximization have always been important indicators of automobile development, especially people's pursuit of automobile comfort and stability, corresponding equipment such as air conditioners, airbags, power windows and ABS braking systems The weight is also increasing.

The PEEK material applications for automotive parts has good friction resistance, mechanical properties and easy processing properties, which not only greatly reduces the processing cost and weight, but also ensures a long service life. PEEK can replace metal as a component for manufacturing automotive ABS anti-lock devices, seals, gaskets, bearings, etc. It is used in automotive transmission systems, braking systems, steering systems, seat systems, etc., and can achieve lightweight.

3. PEEK resin is used in the electronics industry

In electronic appliances, PEEK resin has excellent electrical properties and is a good electrical insulator. It can still maintain good electrical insulation in harsh working environments such as high temperature, high pressure and high humidity. PEEK resin is widely used in computers, mobile phones, circuit boards, printers, light-emitting diodes, batteries, switches, connecting plugs, hard drives and other electronic equipment.

In the semiconductor industry, varied types of peek material are commonly used in the manufacture of wafer carriers, electronic insulating films and various connecting devices. PEEK has excellent thermal properties and can withstand high temperatures that traditional insulators cannot. These advantages, along with their long-term operational reliability and temperature, pressure and frequency durability, can also be used in connectors for subsea environmental control equipment or high-pressure water pumps.

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