Advantages of PEEK Plastic Materials and Characteristics of Bearings

Understanding PEEK plastic material

PEEK plastic material is a special polymer composed of repeating units with one ketone bond and two ether bonds in the main chain structure. It is a special high polymer material with physical and chemical properties such as high temperature resistance and resistance to chemical and pharmaceutical corrosion. It is a semi-crystalline polymer material that can be used as a high temperature resistant structural material and electrical insulation material, and can be composite with glass fiber or carbon fiber to prepare reinforced materials. Generally, a class of polyarylether polymers obtained by condensation with aromatic dihydroxy compounds is used. This material has a wide range of applications in the aerospace industry, medical equipment industry (as artificial bone repair for bone defects), and industrial fields.

PEEK plastic material is an aromatic crystalline thermoplastic polymer material with a melting point of 334℃, which has high mechanical strength, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, flame retardancy, acid and alkali resistance, hydrolysis resistance, wear resistance, fatigue resistance, radiation resistance and good electrical performance. PEEK plastic material is an excellent special engineering plastic.

Due to the many advantages of PEEK plastic material, it has been widely used in many fields such as petrochemical, electronics and electrical, instrumentation, machinery and automobiles, medical and health, aerospace, and military nuclear energy. The more mature applications include valve plates, spool valves, star wheels, sealing rings, ball valve seats, bearing cages, oil-free lubricated bearings, magnetic isolation sleeves, electrodes, gears, screws, electromagnetic wires, radiation protection windows, microwave digestion tanks, wafer carriers, etc.

Advantages of PEEK plastic material

  • PEEK plastic material uses lighter solutions to reduce fuel consumption and environmental impact;

  • PEEK plastic material improves component life by enhancing elastic properties over a wide temperature range;

  • Enhance the durability and excellent wear resistance of parts;

  • Reduce downtime and component failures to resist harsh chemicals and natural elements;

  • Rely on long-term mechanical performance and dimensional stability;

  • PEEK plastic material meets strict safety requirements with low fire, smoke and toxic emissions;

  • Larger component integrity due to excellent barrier properties for fluids and gases.

Characteristics of PEEK bearing material

PEEK bearing features: corrosion resistance, aging resistance; solvent resistance; PEEK bearing material high temperature, high frequency, high voltage electrical performance conditions; toughness and rigidity; precise dimensional requirements for PEEK bearings; radiation resistance; PEEK bearings are wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant conditions; hydrolysis resistance, can still maintain excellent characteristics under high temperature and high pressure; lightweight replacement of metal as fiber optic components; PEEK bearings are wear-resistant and anti-static; good electrical insulation properties; high mechanical strength requirements for parts; PEEK bearings have low emissions of smoke and toxic gases.

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