PEEK Material for Different Industries

With the continuous increase in the market demand for PEEK applications, Zhongyan High Plastics PEEK products will usher in good development in various fields, and may comprehensively promote industry changes in other applications in the future.

PEEK Material for Electronic Appliances

In terms of electronic appliances, PEEK resin has good electrical properties and is a good electrical insulator. It can still maintain excellent electrical insulation under the premise of harsh working environments such as high temperature, high pressure and high humidity. Therefore, the field of electronic appliances has gradually become the second largest application area of PEEK resin.

PEEK Material for Semiconductor Industry

In the semiconductor industry, PEEK resin is often used to manufacture wafer carriers, electronic insulating films and various connecting devices, and can also be used for insulating films of wafer carriers, connectors, printed circuit boards, high temperature connectors, etc.


In addition, PEEK resin can also be used in ultrapure water transportation and storage equipment, such as pipes, valves, pumps and volumers. At this moment, the production of integrated circuits in Japan and other countries has also used PEEK resin materials.

PEEK Material for Medical

In terms of medical treatment, PEEK resin is used in addition to surgical and dental equipment with high sterilization requirements and several uses and the construction of some compact medical instruments. The most important application is artificial bone that can replace metal. In addition to the advantages of light weight, non-toxicity, strong corrosion resistance, etc., the artificial bone built with PEEK resin is also the material closest to the human skeleton among plastics, and can be organically connected with the body, so PEEK resin is used instead of metal to make human bones. It is a very important application in the medical field, with far-reaching significance and value.


PEEK Material for Mechanical Engineering

In the machinery industry, PEEK resin is often used to build compressor valve plates, piston rings, seals and various chemical pump bodies and valve components. The impeller of the eddy current pump is built with this resin instead of stainless steel. In addition, PEEK resin is suitable for the specification requirements of the workpiece material of the pipe group, and can still be bonded with various adhesives at high temperatures, so the modern connector will be another. Potential use of the market.

PEEK Material for Car

PEEK polymer material is extremely strong, chemically inert and flame retardant, and can be easily processed into parts with extremely small tolerances. PEEK has the advantages of light specific gravity, corrosion resistance, temperature resistance and other advantages, it can successfully replace metal, traditional composite materials and other plastics.


PEEK polymer materials have officially passed the qualification approval of many aircraft manufacturers, and also meet the requirements of supplying military standard products. PEEK resins can be used to manufacture various aircraft parts-the application in the aerospace field has been rapidly expanded.

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