Natural PEEK Material as a Skull Repair Material

Understanding of PEEK

Polyether ether ketone (PEEK) is a high polymer composed of repeating units with one ketone bond and two ether bonds in the main chain structure. It belongs to special high polymer materials and has physical and chemical properties such as high temperature resistance, self-lubrication, chemical and pharmaceutical corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, easy processing, low coefficient of thermal expansion, and good dimensional stability. It is a kind of semi-crystalline polymer material with a melting point of 343℃, Tg=143℃, and a load heat deformation temperature up to 315℃. The instantaneous use temperature can reach 300℃. Its tensile strength is 132-148MPa, and the density is 1.265 (amorphous) to 1.320 (crystalline)g/cm3. The maximum crystallinity can reach 48%, usually 20%~30%. It can be used as high temperature-resistant structural materials and electrical insulation materials, and can be compounded with glass fiber or carbon fiber to prepare reinforced materials. This material has a wide range of applications in the aerospace industry, medical equipment industry (as artificial bone repair for bone defects), and industrial fields, and is called the pinnacle of the plastics industry.

Natural PEEK material has high heat resistance, good electrical properties, especially its outstanding properties such as chemical resistance, hydrolysis resistance, radiation resistance, and flame retardancy. Compared with polyester, it does not lose transparency. In terms of electrical properties, the dielectric constant of PEEK film is very stable over a wide temperature and frequency range, and the value is low. Therefore, it is often used in high-performance composite materials (such as laminates compounded with glass cloth, carbon fiber reinforced boards, etc.), FPC circuit boards, temperature-regulating films, heat-resistant electrical insulation tapes, switch and sensor isolation films, etc.

Natural PEEK material for skull repair

Skull repair surgery is a relatively ancient classical surgical procedure. As early as thousands of years ago, our ancestors were conducting surgical practices related to skull repair. Under modern medical conditions, skull repair surgery is now a routine surgery in neurosurgery.

In the continuous development of skull repair surgery, skull repair materials have also undergone continuous iterative updates. Until the emergence of special engineering plastics, polyether ether ketone, a very ideal skull repair material, also known as natural PEEK material. This material has gradually become a new trend in skull repair materials because of its good biocompatibility, complex shaping, excellent mechanical properties, good protection performance, and high postoperative comfort. Whether it is in shaping, insulation, strength, or in terms of anti-infection and anti-rejection, PEEK material is currently the ideal skull repair material.

At present, many hospitals are widely using natural PEEK material, and the team is constantly making technological improvements and material optimization design, carrying out comprehensive PEEK skull repair plastic surgery, and achieving good clinical results.

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